Gigi Gazaal RW

(Glorieta Gazaal x Zahara Nadira)
2004 straight Egyptian mar

Gigi is a stunning 2004 straight Egyptian mare who has good lift in front and extreme hock action.  Unfortunately, her You Tube video doesn’t show her fancy action due to an early morning rain-storm before shooting her video.

Her sire, Glorieta Gazaal, is an Ansata Abu Nazeer son who was one of the most beautiful Arabian stallions I’ve ever seen.  With the help of Jody Cruz, Gazaal came to live at Ryalswood Arabians in 2002 and my admiration for him increased ten-fold.  Truly, he was amazing. Everyone who saw him said that he lacked only a unicorn horn. He had a fine country english style trot.

Her dam, Zahara Nadira, was an Ansata Abbbas Pasha daughter with a tail-female line to *Serenity Sonbolah.  Nadira also had great movement and good height.  She had an extreme dished head that she passed on to all her offspring born at Ryalswood.  She gave her trust to only those that demonstrated that they deserved it.  Gigi is much like this.

Gigi is in early saddle training and knows her gaits, enjoys the positive attention and responds well. She needs someone with kindness and patience that will treat her like the Queen she believes she is.